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September 11th Education Program:  A National Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Funded in part by the North Jersey Media Group Foundation and published by Social Studies School Service, The September 11th Education Program:  A National Interdisciplinary Curriculum, features seven teaching units designed to help students reflect on the impact and legacy of September 11, 2001. Units include activities for understanding 9/11 as history, debating
the government's role during disasters, discussing the nature of heroism, evaluating foreign policy vis-ŕ-vis national security, and clarifying how informed citizens can take beneficial action. Relying on open-ended inquiry,
activities also prompt students to interpret primary source materials including photographs, video footage, and oral histories; and to document their findings by means such as Google Earth and a timeline. Two DVDs supply
interviews with survivors, rescuers, victims' relatives from the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and hijacked airliners, and political leaders (including Secretary of State Clinton and Mayor Rudy Giuliani). The program also
features a 12 minutes remembrance presentation, discussion questions and a video timeline of the day.  A binder includes complete lesson plans and reproducible handouts. Grades 6–12.  ©2009.
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9/11 Youth Legacy Program

Launched in July 2005, the 9/11 Youth Legacy Program was developed to educate the youth directly affected by 9/11 on the importance of civic participation and activism.  During this annual 3-day program held in Washington, D.C., participants meet with elected officials and their staff, journalists and lobbyists as well as tour the Capitol and national memorials.  Participants are provided with an overview of civic process and practical tools and a roadmap to become active citizens.  The program is led by High School Teacher, Tony Scarnati, and WTCUFG staff.  Participants are assigned a project to complete outside of the program and earn the distinction of "Legacy Fellow" upon completion of their respective projects.  Taft Institute for Government at Queens College is a collaborator on this program.

Oklahoma City/September 11th Family Exchange

Originated by WTCUFG in March 2002, the Oklahoma City/September 11th Family Exchange is a mutual peer support program, which unites the September 11th community with the members of the Oklahoma City bombing community.  This bi-annual exchange is held each year in April and September.  Throughout each portion of the exchange, peer support activities are held to promote healing and connection, and include a welcome dinner, support groups, panel discussions and visits to our respective memorials and commemorative ceremonies. 

Annual Holiday Gathering

Each year since inception, WTCUFG hosts a holiday gathering to unite our community during the difficult holiday season.  This annual event features a coping during the holiday's discussion, art therapy projects, good food and family.  Our 2004 Holiday Gathering was featured on NBC Nightly News.

Philanthropic Projects

We have found great success in empowering our community by channeling our energies to help others in need.  In 2004, WTCUFG adopted the brave men and women of the 39th Infantry stationed in Iraq and coordinated a community wide care package collection drive to benefit the troops (PDF article).  WTCUFG will continue this tradition each year.  In 2004/2005, WTCUFG community members presented a collective contribution of $140,000 to benefit the individuals devastated by the tsunami disaster.  In previous years, we coordinated toy drives to benefit Toys for Tots and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. 

Online Peer Support Forum/Mental Health Offerings

WTCUFG originated the online peer support forum in an attempt to unite individuals directly affected by September 11th regardless of geographic location.  The forum includes message boards and a live chat ability. 


Since our inception in September 2001, WTCUFG has distributed information on September 11th related topics via our email outreach.   In January 2005, WTCUFG issued its first hard copy newsletter, September 11th Community©.

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