Today, teachers are engaging a generation of students who have no lived memory of 9/11.

Many teachers struggle with how to approach this difficult, yet inspiring topic in the classroom.

Teachers need effective and engaging 9/11 teaching materials and they need professional development to help them best implement those resources.

The September 11th Education Trust meets both needs.

Ashley Heyer, a teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, described her experience with our program:

“This is a powerful piece of work… This dovetails well with the work my class has already done on Hurricane Katrina and creates an excellent opportunity to orient students after a long summer to disciplines of History, Geography, Civics and Economics. I hope that in years to come, these remembrances become an important part of our nationwide Social Studies curriculum.”

Mayor Rudy Giuliani once described the September 11th Education Program as one that “helps students think critically about the attacks as both a historic event and one that shapes the present.” (US News and World Report, September 2009)

Published by Social Studies School Service, the September 11th Education Program: A National Interdisciplinary Curriculum, is the first ever comprehensive national 9/11 curriculum, which includes a Teacher’s Guide inclusive of 7 lessons, 3 hours of DVD content (oral histories, archival footage), Remembrance Video Program and Discussion Questions and Web Resources. An Initiative of the September 11th Education Trust/World Trade Center United Family Group in collaboration with Taft Institute for Government at Queens College, the program is made possible by the generous support of the North Jersey Media Group Foundation, Principal Program Sponsor, and is funded in part by the ACE INA Foundation and 9/11 community members.

The September 11th Education Program is currently used in over 2,100 schools across the country—including schools in Alaska.

You can preview the program, download free teaching content and participate in an interactive forum at